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024: Baby Eczema, Baby Prisons & Books

We’re back! Did you miss us?

This week we discuss dealing with children’s eczema and Sally’s plans to see the UK’s most expensive dermatologist. If you’ve got any eczema experience, drop us an e-mail: hello@milkfaced.co.uk

We also open our overflowing postbag to answer one reader’s concerns about wine chat, and another’s worries about using a playpen as a baby prison.

We also discuss weird school photos and dressing up. Which is a good opportunity to see a photo of Sally with a cone on her head (she’s the one in the middle):

Cone head Sally

And we have a big chat about books to celebrate World Book Day which happened a few weeks ago. Topical!

This includes a long discussion on Enid Blyton’s prolific racism, our favourite kids books, and Sally’s impossible to rip books.

Robbie’s amazing thing: Singstar. You can get it free on a Playstation, then pay under two quid for ‘Let It Go’ and let your daughters sing till they puke.

Sally’s amazing thing: Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep Machine. It helps you make bottles of baby formula up to the perfect temperature for kids. Here it is in action in Sally’s Highgate kitchen:

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Thanks for listening and sorry we’ve been away for so long. We missed you.

Mail us: hello@milkfaced.co.uk or Facebook us up.


Robbie & Sally xxx


023: Ruth Field, Running and Health

This week, the author Ruth Field pops down to the Milk Faced studio complex to talk about running, healthy eating, her twins, and why her mother prays for her! It’s probably the best episode we’ve done, so well worth listening to.

If you want to get into running you can buy Ruth’s excellent Run Fat Bitch Run, and if you want to chuck some healthy eating into the mix, try Cut The Crap.

Robbie, Sally and Ruth are all signed up for the Bacchus Half Marathon on 13th September 2015. Come along and run it with us if you fancy it. It’ll be a Milk Faced day out.

Sally’s amazing THINGS: 

  1. Mummy Mitts. Mummy Mitts are mittens that attach to your pushchair so you never lose them and can quickly take them off if you need to wipe a baby’s nose. They’re award winning don’t you know!
  2. Overnight Oats. This is a way of making your breakfast the night before so you don’t have to spend ages putting porridge on the hob.

Right, we’re off to run a quick 10k and eat some chia seeds. Thanks for listening.

Robbie & Sally xxx


022: Punishment

In this jam-packed episode of Milk Faced we answer a reader’s e-mail asking for advice on punishing children.

We also talk about the amazing ebay buggy advert and the boy who got fined for missing a birthday party.

Robbie’s amazing thing: Togetherness. A really funny comedy from the US of A about young parents. Most child owners will relate to at least some of it. It’s currently on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Sally’s amazing thing: She couldn’t be arsed to do one.

Oh, and if you want to play Power Hour with your kids or friends, here’s a site to help.

Thanks for listening,

Robbie & Sally xxx


021: AIDSburgers & Paedo Teachers

This episode was supposed to be about sex education but rapidly went downhill.

We talk about Sally’s mental dreams, rolling condoms onto bananas, and the prevalence of paedophiles in 1980s schools.

This all comes from the Swedish genital cartoon which has angered people who are scared of their private parts this week:

We also talk about The Fonz’s efforts to educate children about sex, which you can enjoy here:

And for reasons that will become apparent, here’s The Housemartin’s Caravan of Love:

Thanks for listening AIDSburgers. Send us your paedo teacher stories to hello@milkfaced.co.uk

Robbie & Sally xxx


020: New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! In this week’s audio explosion we’re making our parenting New Year’s resolutions.

We also discuss the aftermath of placenta eating, and Robbie’s move to the country.

At some point we discuss the documentary Fed Up, which if you’re American you can buy on iTunes. If you’re British you can’t. Racism in action folks.

Thanks for listening. Tell your friends.

Robbie and Sally xxx


019: Eating Placenta – Part Two

Merry Christmas!

In part two of our human eating special we tuck in to a lovely Christmas meal of roast placenta. Just the thing to serve to the family.

Will Robbie, Sally and our special guest, the author and journalist Mike Millar, eat some? Or will they decide it’s just too disgusting?

Maybe play this to the family as you sit down to your turkey. Mmmmmm…

Thanks for listening in 2014 and we promise we won’t eat any more human in 2015.

Christmas love,

Robbie & Sally xxx


018: Eating Placenta – Part One

In this week’s episode we’re joined by the author and journalist Mike Millar as we prepare a traditional Christmas roast placenta.

We talk you through the preparation and cooking of this delightful taste explosion. Yummy!

If you enjoy hearing Mike feeling sick, why not buy his book, The Secret Life Of Numbers.

Part two of this delightful foodie experience will be up on Christmas Day. Ho ho ho.

Thanks for listening. Sorry it’s so disgusting.

Robbie & Sally xxx


017: Breastfeeding, Protests & Getting Offended

Boobies! This week we’re talking about breastfeeding, or more specifically the pressures, expectations and barriers women encounter whilst breastfeeding.

It’s in the news because a nice lady called Louise Burns got asked to cover up whilst breastfeeding her child in Claridge’s. Honestly, some people.*

We also chat about this summer’s boycott of the Dorchester Group of hotels after it’s owner, The Sultan of Brunei, brought in Shariah laws including death by stoning for homosexuality.

Sally’s amazing thing: Lostmy.name. These are awesome personalised books for your kids where the character searches for the letters of the child’s name.

Similar customised books for Peppa Pig fans are available from Peppa Pig And Me. They do a variety of stories that are tailored to the recipient, including a special Christmas book. Everybody likes special Christmas books.

Robbie’s amazing thing: Paddington (The Movie). It’s a great family film and in the cinema now. Probably not one for really young kids as it’s a bit scary in parts. Go and enjoy it whilst having some popcorn. Butterkist… in the foyer now.

Here’s the trailer so you can get a taste for it.

Anyway, thanks for listening. If you’re enjoying it, why not subscribe in the iTunes?


Robbie & Sally xxx

* Fact of the Day: Louise Burns’ husband is Nathan Barley (or more specifically the actor Nick Burns who played Nathan Barley).


016: Christmas Traditions

Happy advent! In this week’s show we get you in the festive spirit with chat about Christmas traditions.

This includes our family traditions, and strange (arguably racist) traditions from around the world.

We also receive our first ever complaint from a listener. Oops.

If you’ve got a family Christmas tradition, e-mail us at hello@milkfaced.co.uk and tell us about it.


In this week’s podcast a proper journalist Louisa Peacock, Deputy Women’s Editor at The Daily Telegraph, joins us to talk about women and how to raise girls. And very good she is too.

We discuss feminism, body image, and how much she’d spend on a bottle of wine.

Check us out discussing serious topics. It’s like Newsnight.

Sadly this week’s podcast was blighted by technical difficulties and as a result we’ve had to chop a few bits out, so sorry if it seems a bit rudderless. Hopefully it all still makes sense.

If you want to follow Louisa on the Twitter, she’s @LouisaPeacock and you can subscribe to her ace podcast Face Your Fears in iTunes.

Thanks for listening,

Robbie & Sally xxx