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017: Breastfeeding, Protests & Getting Offended

Boobies! This week we’re talking about breastfeeding, or more specifically the pressures, expectations and barriers women encounter whilst breastfeeding.

It’s in the news because a nice lady called Louise Burns got asked to cover up whilst breastfeeding her child in Claridge’s. Honestly, some people.*

We also chat about this summer’s boycott of the Dorchester Group of hotels after it’s owner, The Sultan of Brunei, brought in Shariah laws including death by stoning for homosexuality.

Sally’s amazing thing: Lostmy.name. These are awesome personalised books for your kids where the character searches for the letters of the child’s name.

Similar customised books for Peppa Pig fans are available from Peppa Pig And Me. They do a variety of stories that are tailored to the recipient, including a special Christmas book. Everybody likes special Christmas books.

Robbie’s amazing thing: Paddington (The Movie). It’s a great family film and in the cinema now. Probably not one for really young kids as it’s a bit scary in parts. Go and enjoy it whilst having some popcorn. Butterkist… in the foyer now.

Here’s the trailer so you can get a taste for it.

Anyway, thanks for listening. If you’re enjoying it, why not subscribe in the iTunes?


Robbie & Sally xxx

* Fact of the Day: Louise Burns’ husband is Nathan Barley (or more specifically the actor Nick Burns who played Nathan Barley).

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