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014: City v Country – Where To Bring Up Kids

Where should you bring up your kids – the city or the country?

As Robbie is moving to the countryside after fifteen years in London we discuss whether the bright lights of the city or the tranquility of the country is the better place to raise your offspring.

Also Sally reveals how much she spent on wine during a recent mini-break, her vast collection of ponies, and why she has a box of Krug lying around on the floor.

Sally’s amazing thing: Woolley Grange Hotel. Sally loved the kid-friendly hotel and would recommend it for anyone with young kids.

Robbie’s amazing thing: Withings Smart Body Analyzer. It’s a wifi-connected weighing machine that connects to your phone and also tells you your body fat, heart rate and even the weather.

Thanks for listening people.

Robbie & Sally xxx

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