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013: Antenatal, Postnatal and Baby Classes

Wondering whether to spend £1000 on NCT classes or go for the free hospital ones? Want to know what Baby Sensory is? Want to know what to do if you get kidnapped by terrorists?

We answer all these question in episode 013 of Milk Faced where we talk about the multitude of classes on offer to the new parent/almost parent.

Link time: We talk about classes run by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and Baby Sensory amongst others.

If you want to do your own hostile environment training you can find plenty of companies that offer it.

If you’ve experienced a great class and want to share with the Milk Faced society, e-mail us: hello@milkfaced.co.uk, or tell up on the Milk Faced Facebook Group.

Thanks for putting this into your ears.

Robbie & Sally xxxx

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