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033: Stranger Danger!

In this cheery show we’re discussing risk and danger and how much you should protect your offspring from the horrors of the world. We chat about physical danger, whether to worry about strangers, and the new dangers that lurk in the internet.

But basically we’re just listing ways your kids might die.

Links for you:

We chatted about when you need to go to A&E with head injuries – please, please, please read the official NHS guidelines rather than listen to us.

If you’ve got ten minutes and don’t mind a bit of swearing, watch this brilliant bit of comedian Louis CK talking about dealing with bullies (NSFW).

We talk about causes of death amongst children. Not the happiest chat, but if you want to read about child mortality risks, you can read this RCPCH report.

Sally claimed that a Boscastle Museum has a display of fossilised dog poo. We don’t know if it’s still there but if you visit the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic and let us know, that would be great.

And finally, here’s the NSPCC’s advice on keeping kids safe online.

Thanks for listening and stay safe kids.

Robbie & Sally xxx

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