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030: Milk Faced – The Return

Hello sailors! The good ship Milk Faced is back in port. Shiver me timbers, etc.

After eight months of intensive podcasting training (drinking gin) we’ve returned to the virtual airwaves with renewed vigour. This episode is a recap where we discuss what we’ve been up to since the last episode.

A few things we discuss on the show:

If you want to enter into the soul-crushing misery of unicorns and pixies that is the Secret Kingdom books by Rosie Banks, then be our guest.

If you’re bored of The Gruffalo and want to discover some excellent, less widely known books, check out the brilliant Two In A Tepee blog.

If you want free photos of your children, Sally recommended Free Prints, a site which sends you free 6×4″ photos that you upload. We’ve done some research since the show, and it seems to be legit. They’re going to make their money by printing adverts on the back of photos, but you can probably live with that, right?

Thanks for listening. We’re back next week when we talk about holidays with children.


Robbie & Sally xxx

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