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026: Should I Have A Baby? (With Sadie Hasler)

Sadie HaslerIn Milk Faced 026 we talk to the award winning playwright, author, columnist, actress and co-artistic director of Old Trunk Theatre Company, Miss Sadie Hasler, as she talks about deciding whether tor not to have children.

The first three minutes is basically just a bunch of people shrieking having been in the pub too long, but after that it turns into a lovely discussion about making one of the biggest decisions anyone will have in their life.

It’s a bit sweary, so don’t listen in front of the kids. We also talk about sperm bandits, adoption, bags of dog poo and pizza.

Once you’ve listened, e-mail us at hello@milkfaced.co.uk to let us know if Sadie should get preggers. We’ll do our best to make your wishes come true.

PramkickerSadie has written a play about this very topic, called Pramkicker. It’s running at the Edinburgh Fringe and you can buy tickets here. If you’d like to support the arts, you can even donate to her Kickstarter page so she does’t go bankrupt.

Thanks for listening and sorry we’ve been so slack recently. We’ll do better, we promise.

Robbie & Sally xxx


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