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024: Baby Eczema, Baby Prisons & Books

We’re back! Did you miss us?

This week we discuss dealing with children’s eczema and Sally’s plans to see the UK’s most expensive dermatologist. If you’ve got any eczema experience, drop us an e-mail: hello@milkfaced.co.uk

We also open our overflowing postbag to answer one reader’s concerns about wine chat, and another’s worries about using a playpen as a baby prison.

We also discuss weird school photos and dressing up. Which is a good opportunity to see a photo of Sally with a cone on her head (she’s the one in the middle):

Cone head Sally

And we have a big chat about books to celebrate World Book Day which happened a few weeks ago. Topical!

This includes a long discussion on Enid Blyton’s prolific racism, our favourite kids books, and Sally’s impossible to rip books.

Robbie’s amazing thing: Singstar. You can get it free on a Playstation, then pay under two quid for ‘Let It Go’ and let your daughters sing till they puke.

Sally’s amazing thing: Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep Machine. It helps you make bottles of baby formula up to the perfect temperature for kids. Here it is in action in Sally’s Highgate kitchen:

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Thanks for listening and sorry we’ve been away for so long. We missed you.

Mail us: hello@milkfaced.co.uk or Facebook us up.


Robbie & Sally xxx

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