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023: Ruth Field, Running and Health

This week, the author Ruth Field pops down to the Milk Faced studio complex to talk about running, healthy eating, her twins, and why her mother prays for her! It’s probably the best episode we’ve done, so well worth listening to.

If you want to get into running you can buy Ruth’s excellent Run Fat Bitch Run, and if you want to chuck some healthy eating into the mix, try Cut The Crap.

Robbie, Sally and Ruth are all signed up for the Bacchus Half Marathon on 13th September 2015. Come along and run it with us if you fancy it. It’ll be a Milk Faced day out.

Sally’s amazing THINGS: 

  1. Mummy Mitts. Mummy Mitts are mittens that attach to your pushchair so you never lose them and can quickly take them off if you need to wipe a baby’s nose. They’re award winning don’t you know!
  2. Overnight Oats. This is a way of making your breakfast the night before so you don’t have to spend ages putting porridge on the hob.

Right, we’re off to run a quick 10k and eat some chia seeds. Thanks for listening.

Robbie & Sally xxx

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